Important Facts About Female Hair Transplant

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A woman’s existence is inextricably linked to her appearance and sense of beauty.


Every woman wants to have thick, luscious hair and a healthy scalp, but not all are blessed with this blessing.


Some of them go through psychological distress, hair loss, and pain from going bald.


Since women typically do not go bald but instead experience hair thinning, which widens the partition, female hair loss typically follows a different pattern than male hair loss.


Although it is common for women to lose their hair, very few of them decide to have hair transplant surgeries because baldness affects very few women.


Female Hair Transplants


Hair grafts are taken from a secure donor area and moved to the recipient’s bald area during a hair transplant.


The precision and high level of sensitivity of hair transplant procedures are essential to their success.


Although male and female hair transplant procedures differ from one another, the basic principles remain the same. The procedures for hair transplantation are described as follows:


1. The strip procedure, or follicular unit transplantation:


The donor site is harvested using this method, and a strip-like piece of tissue is then further divided into individual hair grafts.


These individual follicular units are then transplanted to treat the desired bald spot.


Each of these steps is performed under high loop magnification to ensure that hair grafts survive as long as possible and provide the greatest amount of coverage.


2. Follicular unit extraction:


Individual follicular units are removed during this procedure using tiny surgical punch-like tools, and they are then transplanted at the recipient site.


Under high loop magnification, this procedure, which entails removing hair transplants from the scalp while simulating their position inside the skin, must be executed very precisely.




Females prefer no-shave hair transplants, which makes the procedure a little more difficult.


When you need to avoid shaving, tiny incisions are made at the recipient site to transplant the hair follicles.


The transplanted hair follicles are placed while taking care of the existing hairs because they are susceptible to damage.


Because of this, women spend significantly more on hair transplants than do men.