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    Surgical and Non Surgical Hair Replacement?

    Everybody loses hair, and 50 to 100 strands per day are typical.
    However, you might be experiencing hair loss if you see many thinning or bald patches.
    There are options for you whether your hairline is just beginning to recede or you've lost a significant amount of hair.
    The available surgical and non-surgical procedures can assist you in overcoming hair loss and restoring your confidence

    What is surgery for hair replacement?

    The surgical transfer of "permanent" hair and its roots to a bald or thinning area of skin is known as hair replacement surgery.

    Hair transplantation is the surgical technique that is used the most frequently today out of all the ones that are available.

    Benefits of Surgical Hair Replacement

    • ● Increased visual impact: This procedure will restore volume to bald and receding areas, boosting confidence.
    • ● Permanent solution and very little maintenance: After surgery, maintenance requirements are minimal.
    • ● It is beneficial for those who cannot get a hair transplant since the donor area is insufficient.
    • ● This is so that the transplanted hair will look natural: To keep hair dense, no additional chemicals or shampoos are needed.
    • ● Long-term cost reductions: Hair transplants may only need to be done once.

    There are other non-surgical hair loss treatments that can help in your fight against hair loss even though surgical hair transplantation is the only permanent hair loss treatment.

    What is Non Surgical Hair Replacement?

    An alternative to hair transplant surgery is to cover the scalp entirely with lace-up or polyurethane material.

    This type of treatment process has no restrictions because a person can choose any hairstyle, shading, length, thickness, and texture to suit their needs.

    Benefits of Non Surgical Hair Replacement

    • ● More affordable than the surgical replacement method.
    • ● This does assist in avoiding a number of procedures, which can potentially save time and money.
    • ● Results are immediate and do last for a longer period of time.
    • ● It is possible to prevent the pain of surgery and any discomfort experienced during the transplant.
    • ● Suitable for hair loss that is both permanent and temporary
    • ● Accessible for a reasonable price
    • ● Immediate results
    • ● No need for the donor's hair
    • ● Simple to alter in terms of style and hair colour
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