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    Maneology clinic offers a range of products in Hair Patches of best quality. Manufactured from excellent quality raw materials, our Hair Patches come in different shapes, sizes and Designs to match with the requirement of our customers. Book an appointment to buy best quality hair patch in Chandigarh at reasonable prices.

    Hair Patch in Chandigarh

    People today suffer from baldness and hair thinning. There are many reasons associated with hair thinning. For those who are going through partial baldness, they don’t need to wear a hair wig. Partial baldness can also be hidden by the method of using a hair patch. The experts prepare these hair patches to make it customer-friendly, and it has a silicon base with pores that can carry the oxidation process, and weaving of human hair is done on it. Alopecia Areata is a hair disease that many people face, and it can be cured by opting for this type of technique for hair restoration.

    The procedure of Hair Patch Treatment

    Using a Hair Patch in Chandigarh is very common in which the bald area or the affected area is covered with a patch of hair or wig. This patch of hair or wig is then stuck using some cosmetic and skin-friendly glue on the bald spot by the experts. These glues are safe to use and do not cause any irritation to the scalp. This is very convenient for most people as many of us don’t want to opt for surgical hair treatments or do not have enough money to undergo a hair transplant. These patches give the patient a perfect look with great hair, and it looks natural. These patches also add density, good hair color, and texture to your hair. Unlike wigs, the patches used are smaller and only cover up the bald region on the scalp. It is a very safe option for all the patients facing hair loss issues and takes much less time.

    Sometimes in taking medicines can not resolve your hair loss issues. In that case, covering your bald using a hair patch is a way to go. Using a Hair Patch in Chandigarh won’t affect your natural hair. Hair patch treatment is an excellent option for those who are facing partial baldness. This technique is very safe and does not involve the usage of needles. Unlike wigs, hair patches look more natural. A hair wig is a solution when you suffer from complete baldness. The method does not consume much time. With these hair patches on, you can still do your routine work such as bathing, combing, etc.

    There are two ways in which a hair patch can be applied. In the first method, the hair patch can be fixed using tapes and glues, whereas, in the second method, it uses tapes and small clips.

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