8 Myths About Hair Weaves – Maneology

The hair business still has some unanswered questions regarding weaves.

Despite being a tempting source of income, there are still uncertainties around the extension practice that could limit its appeal.

In this article, we dispel several myths regarding weave hair extensions and explain why this type of extension is both a client’s fantasy and a lucrative choice for stylists.

They feel so uncomfortable, for one.

The weave pulls on natural hair less painful because there are no bonds, glue, clips, or tape to restrict it. To apply the weave, a braid is made in the middle of the hair, into which the weave is sewed so that it is not actually attached to the natural hair.

The hair suffers damage from them.

We note that the braid effectively supports the weight of the weave without placing undue strain on the hair follicles.

It takes a while to implement them.

Experts claim that the majority of clients just perform 1 to 2 rows, which takes only 30 to 60 minutes.

The quality is poor.

Real hair extensions of high quality are durable and quick to maintain.

It hurts to take them out.

The attachment is likewise straightforward to undo due to the implementation’s simplicity.

They have a single usage.

Since the weaves can actually be reused, they make the perfect accent to wear to your client’s upcoming major event.

Another fantastic feature of the weave is that when you want to take it out, you can save the hair because it is reusable and can be used to either sew onto clips or to be sewed in for something different on special occasions.

They seem to be false.

Hair weaves can mimic the client’s new natural style with high-quality extensions, seamless application, and flawless colour matching.

Before beginning the procedure, we make sure to have a full consultation and draw on our decades’ combined industry knowledge to choose a tone and texture that will feel like it was always yours.

They don’t applicable to many customers.

Customers can use weaves to add thickness, colour, or just a fast variation to their typical style in addition to wearing them to increase length.

Whatever the client’s requirements, we thoroughly consider them before choosing the ideal weave for their particular lifestyle and at-home hair care routine.

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