What Is the Best Hair Transplant Method?


Sadly, some of us lose our hair, which necessitates immediate medical attention.


The effects of hair loss are especially obvious in big cities where careers demand both personality and appearance in addition to strong credentials.


Hair transplantation is the most popular method of treating baldness, and Hair Transplant in Zirakpur is the best location for those who are experiencing hair loss to have the procedure completed.


The only reason patients who suffer from hair loss travel to the city for surgery is because the most well-known and reputable hair transplant clinics provide world-class services with flawless results.


This is in addition to the reasonably priced hair transplant in Zirakpur.


The best hair transplant method


Follicular Unit Extraction, also known as DHI, is a type of hair implanting procedure (FUE).


The follicular units are implanted into the incisions the doctor makes throughout the scalp when using the FUE technique.


While there are no cuts or incisions necessary with the DHI technique to implant these grafts.


Hair Transplant in Zirakpur


Hair transplant procedures are known throughout the world for producing excellent results when performed by experts with skill.


The restorative procedure involves taking hair grafts from donor areas, particularly those with permanent hair roots, and transplanting them to the bald area that needs treatment.


Process for DHI


Here is a step-by-step description of how the DHI procedure works.


  • Either the doctor trims the donor area’s hair (from where the hair is to be taken). Particularly at the back of the head is the donor area.


  • The surgeon then administers local anaesthesia via scalp injection. In order to ensure that the patient can only feel the prick of the needle, this is done.


  • The doctor uses a device called a DHI Implanter, which has a small 0.6–0.8 mm tip and helps remove hair follicles without damaging the hair grafts or the nearby hair, once the scalp has lost feeling.


  • The next step is to prepare hair follicles for implantation as grafts. This is done in a clinical lab by the doctor.


  • After being inserted into the implanter once more, the grafts are then implanted directly into the bald area without affecting the surrounding area.


  • The direction of the follicles can be determined by the doctor prior to implanting them into the holes to create a more natural appearance.




The doctor decides which hair transplantation technique is best for you based on the severity of your baldness, your ability to grow new hair, and other variables.


Any type of hair transplantation aims to promote hair growth in areas where it is not possible.


Despite the existence of more conventional methods like follicular unit transplantation or extraction, direct hair implantation is the most cutting-edge method.


People are choosing Direct Hair Implantation more frequently because, as was already mentioned, it has a number of benefits.


Our doctors at Hair Transplant in Zirakpur use this method for hair growth that provides long-lasting results. Following a correct diagnosis, they advise whether DHI is the best option for you.


Female Hair Transplant in Hair Transplant in Panchkula


Are women able to use hair transplant techniques?


This is a frequently asked question. So, there’s no doubt about the answer to the question.




Female hair transplant procedures offer the same satisfaction as those for men.


Men and women require different treatment approaches due to the very different ways in which they experience hair loss.


The process calls for a great deal of attention to detail and aesthetics when designing the hairlines.


As a result, to perform this procedure, a surgeon with exceptional skill, knowledge, and perception is needed.


Female patients who underwent hair transplantation at Maneology Hair Transplant in Panchkula have experienced exceptional, aesthetically pleasing, and strikingly natural-looking results.


Due to their consistent focus on artistry and unwavering dedication to their careers, which stems from their genuine passion for the arts, our doctors have made significant progress in this field.


Is female hair transplantation truly effective?



Hair Transplant in Panchkula


Alternatives to traditional treatments for female hair loss include using medications, donning wigs, and using synthetic hair.


The majority of people continue to think that women cannot receive treatment with hair transplants because they think they are only for men.


But the truth is that hair transplants can also help women.


Wigs, synthetic hair, and medications are some additional temporary baldness treatment options.


Baldness can be temporarily concealed by wigs and synthetic hair, but it cannot be cured from the roots.


It cannot be anticipated to last for a long time due to its high maintenance needs and frequent replacement needs. Similarly to this, it is not recommended to use drugs for an extended period of time due to potential side effects.


As a result of the possibility of relapse after drug withdrawal, the effects of the drugs are also unpredictable and fleeting.


Speaking of hair transplants, they seem to be your best course of action if you’re experiencing hair loss.


A hair transplant produces long-lasting results that look very natural. It is an easy process that doesn’t need any maintenance or repairs.


Following transplantation, the hair grows for the rest of your life in a manner similar to that of your natural hair.


So, you’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for a perfectionist for a female hair transplant.


For a wonderful experience and amazing hair transplants, go to the Hair Transplant in Panchkula.


Women’s Hair Restoration


If you’re curious about how hair transplantation differs or is similar for men and women, you should know that the basic techniques are the same for both sexes.


FUT is advised for females, but both men and women can choose between FUT and FUE for their hair transplant procedure.


Females prefer the FUT procedure over the FUE technique because they need more hair grafts and don’t want to shave.




Therefore, don’t delay in realising your hair transplant dream and ending your hair loss issue.


Make an appointment right away at the Hair Transplant in Panchkula that thousands of people have relied on and used.


Don’t trust us? Instead, take a look at our performance history and reputation.

Important Facts About Female Hair Transplant

In the hair restoration industry, Maneology hair transplant are pioneers in offering world-class hair restoration while upholding international standards.


We are a top hair transplant centre in the industry thanks to our facilities and extensive infrastructure. Maneology excels at providing women with hair transplants at affordable prices.


If you’re looking for the best hair transplant in Mohali, your first port of call should be our experienced doctors.


A woman’s existence is inextricably linked to her appearance and sense of beauty.


Every woman wants to have thick, luscious hair and a healthy scalp, but not all are blessed with this blessing.


Some of them go through psychological distress, hair loss, and pain from going bald.


Since women typically do not go bald but instead experience hair thinning, which widens the partition, female hair loss typically follows a different pattern than male hair loss.


Although it is common for women to lose their hair, very few of them decide to have hair transplant surgeries because baldness affects very few women.


Female Hair Transplants


Hair grafts are taken from a secure donor area and moved to the recipient’s bald area during a hair transplant.


The precision and high level of sensitivity of hair transplant procedures are essential to their success.


Although male and female hair transplant procedures differ from one another, the basic principles remain the same. The procedures for hair transplantation are described as follows:


1. The strip procedure, or follicular unit transplantation:


The donor site is harvested using this method, and a strip-like piece of tissue is then further divided into individual hair grafts.


These individual follicular units are then transplanted to treat the desired bald spot.


Each of these steps is performed under high loop magnification to ensure that hair grafts survive as long as possible and provide the greatest amount of coverage.


2. Follicular unit extraction:


Individual follicular units are removed during this procedure using tiny surgical punch-like tools, and they are then transplanted at the recipient site.


Under high loop magnification, this procedure, which entails removing hair transplants from the scalp while simulating their position inside the skin, must be executed very precisely.




Females prefer no-shave hair transplants, which makes the procedure a little more difficult.


When you need to avoid shaving, tiny incisions are made at the recipient site to transplant the hair follicles.


The transplanted hair follicles are placed while taking care of the existing hairs because they are susceptible to damage.


Because of this, women spend significantly more on hair transplants than do men.


Get a Natural Hairline Design With Hair Transplant Surgery

Cosmetic procedures are particularly difficult because success must be determined not only by the production of the proper hair density but also by how completely natural the result appears.


An experienced, skilled, and competent cosmetic surgeon in this field must perform the procedure for it to be successful.


Hair transplant techniques, less invasive cosmetic surgical procedures, remove hair grafts from your body’s permanent root bearing areas.


The targeted bald area is then treated with care and cosmetic hair graft placement.


This was a common error made by those who believed that male hair loss was the only type that could be treated with hair transplants.


These procedures may undoubtedly be carried out on both males and females.


If performed by a skilled surgeon, the hair transplant technique yields excellent, long-lasting results.


Even though celebrities and notable patients preferred the procedure, it used to be very expensive.


The cost of hair transplantation has, however, significantly decreased as a result of heightened industry competition.


Due to their low cost and growing aesthetic concern, these procedures are becoming more and more popular among the general public.


The Best Hair Transplant in Chandigarh is becoming more well-known.


The long-lasting effects of this therapy are well-known. Many Indian clinics are renowned for their first-rate facilities and offerings.


Several hair transplant doctors from India are well-known internationally for their extraordinary abilities.


The Best Hair Transplant in Chandigarh is also expensive. Here, a hair transplant would cost 5–6 times less than it would in other developed countries.


Because of this, patients from all over the world decide to glide to India for hair transplant treatment.


After a hair transplant, is it possible to look natural?


It’s true that the procedure hasn’t always been very effective. Patients suffered from unnatural effects.


Today, however, a hair transplant can deliver the best outcomes. You can anticipate a natural appearance and healthy hair growth following a hair transplant.


But choosing the right doctor is essential when getting a hair transplant. The doctor needs to be skilled in order to give you the results that look the most natural.


The doctor should be knowledgeable enough. It may be a good idea to look over the doctor’s earlier work. This would reveal more about the doctor’s skills.


It determines the outcome of the hair transplant.


How can hair transplantation achieve natural looks?


There are only a few ways your doctor can help you look natural after a hair transplant. These techniques can help you achieve a natural hairline.


  • The angle of hair roots properly:

Hair naturally falls out in a random pattern. The hair roots’ placement is random. In a manner similar to this, the doctor should plant the hair roots.


This layout would have a natural appearance. If the hair roots were arranged in a single line, the results would be unnatural and doll-like.


  • Placing hair roots properly:

In nature, hair roots are distributed at random. It yields natural-looking results. In a manner similar to this, the doctor styles his hair. The results would seem out of the ordinary if they were not put into practice.


  • The best hair roots to use for the transplant:

One to four hairs may be present in the graft. The right hair roots must be chosen by the doctor for the area. The front of the line is occupied by the lone, fine hair. It yields natural-looking results.


The thick hair roots are located in the back rows. This arrangement creates a wider appearance.


The doctor should choose carefully which hair roots to remove. It would succeed in promoting natural and healthy hair growth.


Common myths about wearing wigs – DEBUNKED!

With all the online wig myths like “wigs look fake, wigs fall off too easily, and wigs are too expensive,” it’s understandable why wigs have a bad reputation.

Wigs are one of the most realistic-looking treatments for hair loss, despite all the rumors.

Furthermore, wigs are the ideal, non-committal way to experiment with different hairstyles before making any long-term changes to your natural hair.

Today, we will examine a few biggest wig myths and determine whether they are true or false.


1. Wig Care and Styling Is Too Difficult

There will always be difficulties when trying something new, whether it’s putting on a wig or doing the ideal at-home blowout.

But that’s okay because making mistakes is a necessary part of learning.

The same holds true for styling and maintaining wigs.

You can style and take care of your wigs just as well as your favorite stylist with some practice. Simply don’t anticipate becoming an expert overnight.

Want assistance getting going? Check out our Wig Care Guide.


2. Too Big/Too Small for a Wig is My Head

Like finding a dress that fits, finding a wig that fits properly requires that you know your proper size.

A dress that fits perfectly feels cozy looks stunning and brings out your best features. Wigs work the same way.

You must take precise measurements of your head in order to determine the size of your wig.

To determine your size, enlist the aid of a friend and refer to the guidelines in our guide to hair wigs in Chandigarh.


3. Daily wig use will delay hair loss and harm your skin.

It’s common to worry about whether or not wearing a wig will prevent your natural hair from growing back if you’ve lost hair due to chemotherapy.

Thankfully, that is simply untrue. Regardless of whether you cover your hair follicles with a wig, scarf, or even a hat, they will continue to grow.

We should note that this does not imply that your wig won’t harm the skin beneath it.

Make sure to wash and moisturize your scalp every day to avoid skin damage.

Another great way to safeguard the skin underneath your wig is by wearing a wig cap.


4. Synthetic wigs NEVER look as good as human hair wigs.

This is a well-known urban legend in the wig industry.

Many women are concerned that a synthetic wig will appear unnatural.

The synthetic wigs of today are much more advanced than those of our mother’s generation, even though that may have been the case for those wigs in the past.

High-tech wig fibers are used to create modern synthetic wigs, which last for a long time and look natural.

Your wig shouldn’t acquire the unnatural shininess that the synthetic wigs of the past used to have unless you’re purchasing an extremely cheap synthetic wig that costs very little.


5. Wigs Are Only For Older Women Or Cancer Patients

These days, young celebrities aren’t the only ones sporting wigs; your daughter or granddaughter may even be sporting a fake hairstyle without your knowledge.

In order to achieve thicker, more voluminous looks, teenagers and young women in the 21st century wear toppers, extensions, and even weaves.

Why should you be concerned about whether or not you are wearing a wig if the kids are doing it?

Instead of seeing your wig as something to be embarrassed by wearing, start thinking of it as a leaving-the-house necessity.

Are you prepared to dive in? Visit us for hair wigs in Chandigarh today.

Tips to Keep Your Hair Extensions Perfect Looking

Are you perplexed by the idea of maintaining your hair extensions and wondering how to do it properly?

Is that what has been bothering you, and as a result, you are unsure whether you should purchase hair extensions?

The answer is simple: go for it without hesitation because hair extensions are a blessing to mankind.

All you need to know are some basic maintenance tips and tricks, and they will serve you for as long as you want.

Synthetic hair extensions and natural human hair extensions are the two types of hair extensions.

While the former is simple to care for, they are not heat resistant and should not be washed frequently.

You can neatly tough time in a boxing show that the curls do not lose out and you are good to go whenever you are not in use.

On the other hand, if you choose a Wigs shop in Chandigarh, you must obviously care for them as you would your own hair.

They must be appropriately cared for by being shampooed, styled, and conditioned in the same manner.

Continue reading for some extension hair care tips that will help your hair extensions look great and give you the same look and feel as if they were brand new.

It is critical to wash your hair extensions correctly after consulting with your hair expert.

Always keep in mind that you should never sleep with your Extensions wet.

Regardless of how tired or busy you are, always dry your extensions so that they stay in perfect shape and look smooth and silky at all times.

When it comes to brushing your extensions, you must know the proper brushing technique.

It must be done with caution because it has a significant impact on how they look and feel.

The wrong brushing techniques can ruin the appearance of your extensions and even cause them to break or become damaged.

If you have hair extensions underneath your natural hair, you must schedule a conditioning treatment for hair extensions at least once a week.

This helps to retain moisture in the hair by keeping it smooth, silky, and lustrous at all times.

Make sure to limit the use of heating products on your hair extensions to avoid long-term damage.

Excessive heating can cause the hair to become brittle and prone to breakage. This shortens the life of your hair extensions and causes them to lose their smoothness and length.

Another important thing to remember is to always detangle your hair extensions before going to bed.

You can loosely tie them in a band to keep them in place and from tangling. This also helps to reduce breakage and ensures that they remain at their full length at all times.


Reduce the Heat Dose.

Hair extensions are no different than your natural hair. Heat causes them to deteriorate.

No matter how many conditioning treatments you apply, once they become brittle and spoiled, you may have no choice but to replace them with new ones.

However, if you want to extend their stay and make them look seamless, here are some heat-protection tips you can use.


Keep a heat protector on hand.

It is always recommended to use a heat protectant before using heat styling tools. Some heat-protectant products are applied to wet hair, while others are applied before styling.


Maintain a low temperature.

To keep extensions from becoming damaged, use heated tools at low temperatures. The goal is to protect hair extensions from overheating.


Stop using hair straighteners and curlers.

The more frequently you use straighteners or curling rods, the shorter the life of your extensions.



By incorporating the above tips into your hair extension care routine, you can enjoy longer, fuller, and healthier-looking hair.

Regular maintenance and proper care will ensure that your extensions last as long as you’d hoped.

Always ask your hairstylist or Wigs shop in Chandigarh for aftercare tips and advice to ensure a smooth transition to your new long locks.

Hair Replacement in Chandigarh

Hair loss is also referred to as Alopecia and specially regarded as the dome of aging men. This equal-opportunity state can affect almost anyone. Up to the age of 50, over 50 percent of men and women usually experience the impact of hair loss or bluntness. It is usual if you shack approx 100 hairs each day but if you are shedding more than 100 then it may put an upsetting impact on your professional life. When it comes to regaining natural look, non-surgical Hair Replacement in Chandigarh is getting more popular in the middle of the people. A perfect replacement resolution will not only assist you raising your self-confidence to alter your day to day life, but it can also really impact on other areas of your social or professional life. Before proceeding further to talk about hair loss treatments, let’s first discuss about following two crucial factors that take place due to the baldness:

Hampered professional look and work presentation

Many studies indicated that a person’s hairdo and proficient appearance can challenge his precious skills that can further serve as a vital factor to produce the first impression in front of an important client to make or break a contract. It is a hard reality, many people suffering from abridged baldness keep on thinking and worried about their defeat and greatly hinder their work performance. 

Lack of Confidence to accomplish career goals

While you are stepping up the ladder of your proficient career, it is vital for you to be sure. According to studies from American Academy of Dermatology, many people who are suffering from hair loss or baldness experience lack of self-confidence, low self-esteem, and even despair. They fail to recognize that there are barely any managers, co-workers, or clients judging them based on style and such an off-putting mindset forbid them to accomplish certain career goals.


Oral therapy

Both Oral and relevant hair loss treatment drugs are not as efficient as they are advertised, still, they can assist to stop further hair loss. Tofacitinib is the new drug showing best results in the healing of Alopecia, an immune system condition.

Non-surgical hair replacement

Depending on your hair state, private choice, and budget you can pick from plenty of hair loss cure options to bring back a healthy, bouncy in your head. If you want expedient and reasonable treatment option without pain then non-surgical hair replacement will be the best choice for you. Piece’ is one of the best examples of non-surgical hair replacement which utilizes either Synthetic or Human Hair to make a natural-looking wig.

Hair Replacement in Chandigarh is specifically tailored and developed to wrap the scalp region with low density, by means of natural human hair. On the other hand ‘Hairpiece’ is typically created to cover up the male Pattern bluntness in the crown region. Overall, Hair System Reestoration is the most expedient, reasonable and consistent way to help people across the world to recover natural looking hair and apparently improve their self-assurance.

Human Hair Wigs- Shopping Tips for Human Hair Wigs

Before making your decision or even start seeking for a wig it is suggested that you first consider the use and purpose you would like it to serve in your life. There are numerous types of wigs that you can choose from but the best types of wigs are customized human hair wigs. They last longer, fit better and keep their normal look far better than fake wigs. In fact most users have confessed that these are the main causes for selecting to have on a human hair wig. There are numerous options that you have when seeking for Best hair wig shop in Chandigarh so that you can find a trader that you are not only comfy with but will also gratify your needs.


  • Ever since human hair wigs are pricier than mock, due to their high quality, the first thing that you have to do is to see if you succeed for financial help. Many people take full benefit of this if they can; such as Ascot Fund who helps populace with Alopecia. If you need the wig for medical reasons like chemotherapy then you can be capable to protect some of the funds necessary to purchase it from outside resources. In most examples, if it has been prearranged to you by a doctor then your insurance will outfit for the whole or limited cost of the wig. There are also lots of support groups providing loans to individuals requiring these prosthetic wigs.
  • Look to have info sent to you in the mail so that you can recognize and decide the criterion (size, type of hair used, care and accessories) of the wig that you are seeking for. The good thing about these online sources is that they will also notify and offer you guidance on the colors obtainable, lengths, styles and features linked with human hair wigs like styling, treatments and benefits.
  • Look for a diversity of online stores selling the wigs made from the human hair, ensure that you prove their consistency by reading the customer reviews and testimonials and make out what other consumers are saying on the subject of their experiences with the store.
  • Previous to selecting the companies, match up to the guarantee and return policies so that you can make use of a store that is not only after your cash, but who also, in fact, wants to satisfy your necessity as well as saving you extra money.
  • Consider the types of base materials to use.
  • How would you like to connect the wig? You can choose the double-sided tapes, skin bonding or hair bonding adhesives or you can have clip combs sewn to the base?

Some of your choices will depend on if you desire to wear the wig for daily or for extensive wear. A hair replacement expert should be well-informed enough to help you order the accurate & Best hair wig shop in Chandigarh for the way you mean to wear it.

Hair Replacement Systems- Immediate and Non-surgical Solution for Hair Loss

Hair replacement systems are certainly a blessing in disguise. With many health troubles, everyday stress and hereditary factors knocking down our strands on a daily basis, a replacement system has come up as an efficient way to restore our confidence and save us from the tribulations linked with hair loss. Hair loss or baldness is an unlikable awkward medical condition faced by both men and women. Typically, it leaves few options for you, either you must face it bravely to live with the loss or select any options from transplant, replacement or systems.

Hair Replacement in Mohali is an exclusive process, more often than not performed by a skilled cosmetologist. It can work best for those capable candidates who have appropriate and adequate donor hair to cover the area of loss. So, prior to considering the Transplant, you must consider all factors to assess the risks involved, price, and rate of triumph. But, if you are seeking for an economical, immediate, and safe option then there could be no other best option than replacement or systems. Hair replacement system is a technique by which persons with bald heads or suffering from thinning of hair can be assisted to reinstate their natural look. There are several factors included to cause loss. The primary one is hereditary factors. If any of your relatives has a history of losing, then you have more chances of having a bald head or patches of thin hair.

Any person with thin hair can go for a Non Surgical Hair Replacement Procedure in Mohali that is now getting more well-liked amongst all societies of people, as it is very inexpensive, risk-free, and suitable to use as compared to transplant which is quite exclusive, less-success rates, and also involves risk of virus. Hair System is also known as- wig and it comprises numerous components and after a certain period of time, it needs repair and preservation. Hair systems can benefit people to quickly alter or recover their look and appearance. It is mainly helpful for those people undergoing remedial procedures like chemotherapy, often taking a toll on the hair. Effect of such conditions can be upsetting particularly on a young person’s psyche. Therefore, systems are true blessings for cancer patients as it can provide them a fast resolution to feel normal. 

If you are also searching for an easy, cosmetically perfect, inexpensive, and risk-free replacement resolution for your hairlessness or diffusely thinning hair, then look no further, instantly contact us. We provide specific non-surgical hair replacement or systems for both men and women crafted from the best humans. You have to take the time to select which one would be a good fit for you now that you grasp what these men’s non-surgical hair replacement alternatives are. On the off chance that you have to try more than one till you discover the exacting case that works best for your balding. Since there are substitutions available in the event that you select to use them nobody needs to live with a loss of hair nowadays.

Hair Transplantation – Best Option to Treat Baldness or Thinning Of Hair

Each one loves to show the fit hair but all it requires is the usual effort to uphold it. We always take our tresses for approval until they are gone. Once gone, it will bring unease and certain questions might trouble your mind like where to go? Whom to see? Now, here comes a permanent resolution for your trouble, Without Surgery Hair Transplant in Chandigarh. When the tapering of the top of your head or baldness starts bothering you and becomes defiant to all the medications and natural remedies, you should probably go for hair transplantation. It will be the only way to boost assurance in you and to make you believe that once again you will display your beautiful hair.

Before going for hair transplantation, you must confer with your doctor about what you can anticipate from it. After all, how can you pick for the hair transplant without acknowledging its ins and outs? Because it is a faith that the better informed you are as a tolerant person, the happier you will be with the result of your hair restoration. Thus, hair transplantation is essentially the transfer of hair follicles from the patron site to the balding area, which is the receiver site throughout a surgical procedure, which is specially done to care for baldness. Although with advancement in technology, this process has altered a lot in the recent years, yet there are certain myths, which are existing amongst the people going for hair uproot and the facts they should be aware of. Let us talk about them so that people can go for it with their minds clear. Those myths and facts are as mentioned below:

Myth: A doctor can inspect you if you have adequate hair for hair transplant just by looking-

Fact: To examine a patient’s donor supply, there are sure factors that have to be considered. He will inspect your scalp methodically with the help of a densitometer.

Myth: The blood supply might be delayed if a big number of grafts are transplanted

Fact: It is partly true as the blood supply is sufficient in the scalp to hold the growth of lots of newly transferred grafts. However, there are certain limits as if the splices are too large, it may deter the blood supply thus resulting in deprived growth.

Myth: You must experience a hair transplant when your hair loss is early.

Fact: If you will endure a hair transplant too early even when you do not require it, it will improve your hair loss.

Myth: Hair transplant is a sore task.

Fact: It may cause some uneasiness during the procedure, but with the proper usage of anesthesia, the uneasiness will be greatly abridged.

The Maneology medical team is composed of a best group of specialists who thrive on reliable results complying with the organization’s viewpoint towards upholding high standards of fineness and trust. The results and trust in this Clinic has made us what we are today, the leaders in Without Surgery Hair Transplant in Chandigarh.