8 Potential Causes of Hair Loss and Baldness

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Alopecia, or hair loss, can affect your scalp or the entire body and be either temporary or permanent. It might result from inherited traits, hormonal changes, diseases, or a typical aspect of ageing.

Men are more likely than women to lose hair on their heads, though anyone can.

Dramatic scalp hair loss is frequently referred to as “baldness.” As people get older, hereditary hair loss is a very common cause of baldness.

Some people would rather not stop their hair loss from happening naturally by using camouflage or hair treatments.

Some individuals might cover it up with hats, scarves, makeup, or hairstyles. Some people choose to use Hair restoration in Chandigarh to either stop further hair loss or promote growth.

Consult a hair restoration in Chandigarh about the potential causes and treatments for your hair loss before starting any program.


Men’s Hair Loss Causes

An average person loses 50–100 hairs daily. Due to the concurrent growth of new hair, it frequently goes unnoticed.

In the case of baldness, the hair that has fallen out is not replaced when new hair grows. One or more of the following factors can cause hair loss:



● Pattern Baldness in Men

One of the most prevalent causes of male hair loss is male pattern baldness. You may begin to experience symptoms of this condition, also known as androgenetic alopecia, in your 20s or 30s.

By the age of 49, more than 50% of men have a condition of some kind. If you are prone to male pattern baldness, you will typically notice that your hairline is starting to recede and that you appear older.



● Family History

The hereditary condition that gets worse with age is the most common reason for hair loss.

While women typically experience thinning hair at the top of the head, men frequently have a receding hairline and bald spots.



● Health conditions and hormonal changes

Permanent or temporary hair loss can be caused by a variety of conditions, including hormonal changes brought on by pregnancy, childbirth, menopause, and thyroid issues.



● Radiation directed toward the head

Due to a Head focused radiation hair treatment, it’s possible that the hair won’t grow back in the same manner. Hair loss may be permanent as a result of scarring.



● Shock or Anxiety

Sudden weight loss, intense physical or emotional stress, surgery, or even fever and the flu can all result in hair loss that can last for several months.



● Infections

Scaly patches on the scalp and bald spots are both symptoms of conditions like ringworm. Following treatment, hair usually grows back.



● Immune System

If you experience sudden hair loss that results in circular, quarter-sized bald spots all over your head, you may have alopecia areata, a genetic illness. It frequently begins early in life. You are more likely to have it if a close relative does.



● Pampering

When the hair close to the scalp is pulled while wearing a ponytail, braids, or cornrows, traction alopecia, also known as transient hair loss, can happen. Your hair follicles may also be harmed by hot oil treatments and perms.




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