Steps on How to Attach Natural Hair Weave

Whether you desire to add length, feel, volume, or color to your hair, a usual hair weave is one of the most fashionable ways. A usual hair weave is also a huge way to let your hair grow whilst enjoying long hair with hairpieces stitched in or sewn with your hair. There are a lot of methods to put on hair interlace. It can either be sewn or glued. However, a salon trip can be a little costly, relying on your method of option. So you’ve decided to have a hair lace but you’re not excited about spending a big amount for it or you’re simply a do-it-yourself type of person, here is how you can have your normal look without a trip to the store. Remember, you may require the Hair Extension Service in Chandigarh to assist you with this task and you will also require a hair weave, thread, needle comb, rubber band, and of course your capability to braid your hair. Here are some simple do-it-yourself steps in attaching the usual hair weaves:

First, take a small piece of hair at the top center of your scalp and tie it with a rubber band. You will require this hair for covering your extensions when you’re done sewing.

Then, plait the hair from the front area of the hairline further down to the nape. Ensure that your braids are tiny and as flat as probable to hide them well. For lengthy hair, make individual trees from the residual hair and stitch the particular braids to the braided hair with the needle and yarn. When done with the stitching, tie the yarn to protect it and cut what’s left of it.

After braiding and securing the ends of the usual hair, sew in the hair weaves. Fasten weaves one by one by sewing in throughout the weft and your braids. Sewing or weaving must begin from the nape towards the frontage of the hairline. Put in mind that weaves with longer span should be waived first as compared to shorter span. If your weaves are of the sane span, shape them as per the desired by cutting it after application or sewing is completed.

Once all your braids are covered with the hair lace, hide it further with the usage of your own hair. Blend it by a straightening comb or flat iron and there you go. This may seem simple but this could turn out to be a pain-staking work to achieve. Braiding and sewing wouldn’t be very easy when you’re doing it yourself. Perverted looking weaves can be really exasperating, after a lot of time and energy spent with it.

Your hair or your natural hair weave is a part of your look and it deserves proper care. If you are in doubt with your capacity to attain the look you desire, it is still best to seek Hair Extension Service in Mohali with reasonable prices.

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